Saturday, September 10, 2011

34. what love make me feel n believe

hye! entry pnuh emosi plak dis time..haha..

well, sume org pnah syg org n maybe bercinta.. truly, i never really know,what i feel is actually love or not..because there are so many definition of love..n byk pepatah melayu n inggeris and german n jepun n french n bla bla bla,yg kita dgr psl cinta..

i'm just gonna share wat i feel n wat it make me believe.. =))

  •  i feel dat my feelings are higher than the sky.. mcm perasaan tu, kat langit..yeah,u swept me off my feet..  
  • we can make list of all the characteristics that u want from a guy,but it will all go to waste..because when u love someone,u just love them..
  • u love their will love their imperfection n learn to tolerate with it..
  • i take him,as he is..with his attitude,history and future..
  • well,if the person that u love,love u back,u will feel like ur life is everything else does not matter anymore..u already have everything..
  • u will smile spontaneously when u remember him,or the thought of him, or the sight of him..
  • u wish that his pain and problem is your burden to carry..
  • u will want to at least talk or meet him, even when there is nothing to say..
  • his voice is ur fav song, his hug is ur fav pillow, his smell is your fav fragrance, u can even remember his smell..
  • u will love to look in his eyes, n when he look back into ur eyes,u feel like u actually exist!
  • love is blind
  • 'last chance' is not really a last chance
  • spontaneous
  • u can hate him,n still miss him
  • a sad love song,is just a sad love song..
  • it make me believe that everything is actually possible..

so, is this love?haha..we maybe heard all this so many times before, but i never thought dat dis is true..


if he is yours,u can run anywhere around the world,anything bad can happen,but Allah will bring him to you,and u will still be with him,in the end..but if he is not yours,u can stay so close together,but he will still not be yours..because Allah is so great,dat He know wat is da best for us,more than ourselves..

Allah never give something that u cant handle,n never takes back anything,without which u cant just pray to Him for your best.

every love story is a different story..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

33. happy birthday!

happy birthday to you! =)
may God bless you always..
belajar elok-elok..
hope u'll achieve all your dream.. =))
take care!
thank you and sorry for everything.. dpt free call?haha..

Friday, September 2, 2011

32. =(


32. dear you...

u wanted a space,
when all i want is for u to be around..

u told me u care,
but ur action speaks louder than ur words..

u told me u love me,
but all i want from u is honesty..

u said u will nver leave me,
but u nver promise to be loyal to me..

u said forever,
but ur forever does not hold the same period as mine..

u told me u will nver hurt me,
but i know the way u talked about her..

we talked like we will last forever,
n i secretly hope dat we will shine..

u want an hour glass,
but my patience wont last dat long..

u said diz time it'll b different,
but i'm da one dat is still running dry..

u keep changing the rules,
n i keep wondering which version of u will i when i woke up..

we said good night,
when all i hope is for the night to nver end,
coz u make me scared n wondering,will u ever love me again tomorrow?

n i cant take it anymore,
the fight is no longer worth it..

so,it ended too soon to become forever..

31. weeee..raya!


makan banyak2 eh? =))