Friday, September 2, 2011

32. dear you...

u wanted a space,
when all i want is for u to be around..

u told me u care,
but ur action speaks louder than ur words..

u told me u love me,
but all i want from u is honesty..

u said u will nver leave me,
but u nver promise to be loyal to me..

u said forever,
but ur forever does not hold the same period as mine..

u told me u will nver hurt me,
but i know the way u talked about her..

we talked like we will last forever,
n i secretly hope dat we will shine..

u want an hour glass,
but my patience wont last dat long..

u said diz time it'll b different,
but i'm da one dat is still running dry..

u keep changing the rules,
n i keep wondering which version of u will i when i woke up..

we said good night,
when all i hope is for the night to nver end,
coz u make me scared n wondering,will u ever love me again tomorrow?

n i cant take it anymore,
the fight is no longer worth it..

so,it ended too soon to become forever..

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