Saturday, November 6, 2010

4. “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”

2 post dalam 1 malam..maknanya jiwa sgt kacau!hahaha..=)

bg aku is a strong word..i've betrayed once..n i've been betrayed many times as a reply for my betrayal..the worst part is,by the same person..(hahaha..aku mmg xamik pengajaran!) by the way,i'm not proud of wat i've!sgt ssh nk dapat..n to gain it back is even harder..but there are certain people in this world,yg mmg xkesah psl bnda nie..hahaha..for me,to be trust is more preferable than to be loved..

aku bg fact psl TRUST nie;
  1. kalo korg xpcaye sape2,korg mmg xboleh syg die..mcm kwn2,bf2,parents is not included(love them unconditionally!)
  2. sbnrnya kalo korg dh ilang kepercayaan dkat org,automatically korg dah xkesah psl ke??i mean,korg akn rase insecure klo nk cite pape,kn?so korg akn cri org lain..
  3. bley tawar aty,kn klo kna tipu or tikam dri belakang?rase mcm fed up..lg2 kalo dgn org yg mmg rapat gler!
  4. ade ke org yg sanggup buat ape saje,asal kan dpt kembalikan blik kepercayaan tu??aku rase ade..klo die rase sgt diorg still kna di test,kn?
  5. sbnrnya kalo kita percaya kat org tu,kita kna terima kalo ade sesetengah bnda yang die buat tu,kita xphm knape die bwat mcm je diorg..insyaAllah,it's for the best!
  6. aku percaya,kalo dlm dunia nie,sume org percaya satu sama lain,mungkin dunia akan jadi lebih
  7. korg xsepatutnya betray org yg syg korg..that is the worst thing to do!
  8. trust is a basic thing in every relationship!

i'm trying to gain back the trust of somebody..n trying to forget the person that i once trusted the most..hahaha..deym! sgt sakit..
*****:boleh tolong amik blik pisau yg kau cucuk dkat belakang aku x??

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you” Friedrich Nietzsche quotes

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Anonymous said...

'trust... so hard to gain, so easy to lose..